Lessons Learned: A summary of the Chicago History Trip

          Civil War Era Re-enactment Lincoln for President Lincoln Family   I want to thank Professor Rees, Professor Harris, Scott Whited, and Eileen Gose for providing me with the opportunity to participate in the Chicago History Trip, as well as for the support and thought provoking ideas and discussions. In trying … Continue reading

Culture Clashes and Dashes

06-13-09 Friday, Chicago Learning: My definition is the ability to see, touch, taste, hear, interact, absorb, and experience. Today real learning occurred for me throughout the day. It reminded me that I need to focus my lessons for my students so that all their senses are touched. I need to provide them an opportunity to … Continue reading

Progressive: Are We?

  Library Friday, 12, 2009 Madison, WI      I learned as we were pulling into the city that Madison sits on an Isthmus between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota.  Lake picture from http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Lake_Monona, my picture didn’t come out.   The tour at the Wisconsin State Historical Society had several teacher resources that were well … Continue reading

Stand for something!

 Thursday, June 11, 2009 Inside Hull House The Jane Addams Hull House was extremely interesting to me. As a reformer she stood for what so many women wanted to say and do, but lacked the guts, nerves or just brassiness to follow through. I found it extremely interesting that the Director Lisa Lee, comes from … Continue reading

Architecture on land and at sea

Arch over door Soldiers Field Chicago, 6-10-09 IDEA: I picked up several Chicago area postcards at the Sears Tower called “Did You Know?” They have a picture and a description of the object, place, or event. I thought this would be a great way to introduce the students to the DBQ as a warm up. … Continue reading


  Famous Mrs. O’Leary home site of start of Great Chicago Fire Tuesday, June 9, 2009   Today was very interesting learning from the co-developer of Document Based Questions, Chip Brady, how to use the program correctly. I have occasionally used primary resources, but I have not had a variety of descriptions on successful methods … Continue reading

Culture, climate and more!

Monday, June 8, 2009 Can you say Vroom-vroom! Boy does that subway create a wind draft, but I’ll take it for the quickness in getting around town! I learned an interesting fact on the subway; people are not friendly. It appeared to me that those not in our group, faced the front, never spoke, nor … Continue reading

Ah-h-h-h- Architecture!

Chicago, 6-7-09 Today has been another one of those Ah-h-h- days for me.   I love light houses and so I was delighted to see two of them as we walked along the edge of Lake Michigan.  I particularly enjoy looking at various architectural structures.  I was intreaged by the Columbian Exhibition style architecture that inspired the neoclassical era.  … Continue reading

Rags, Riches, Death, The Life of Abraham Lincoln

June 6, 2009 Springfield Day 2 Today was a day of mixed emotions and learning experiences for me. As we started out at the old Illionois State Capitol building, the artifacts we were able to get pictures of were wonderful.           Then having an opportunity to get up close and personal … Continue reading

From the Log House to the White House

June 5, 2009 Can I say WOW!  This was an incredible day full of instruction, adventure and interesting fact finds.  Abraham Lincoln is one of my favorite people to study not so much because of the notoriety he has generated, but because, to me he is a person who truly persevered and struggled to do … Continue reading