Great Bridge

          The building of the Brooklyn Bridge is considered to be a masterpiece, that was well beyond what any engineer had been able to create up to that point. Why? It was clearly the technological research and state of the art use of new materials and designs yet unheard of or used in construction to … Continue reading

The Island at the Center of the World

  A little known fact of New York City is that its foundations were laid by the Dutch. We frequently hear of the British settling America, but New Netherland as it was called originally, was first settled by the Dutch as they navigated their way across the Atlantic Ocean to the newly discovered New Netherlands. … Continue reading

Generous Enemies

      What is an enemy and what makes them Generous?  How do personal concerns triumph over political ideology?  Judith Van Buskirk gives several examples in her book Generous Enemies which include Loyalty vs. Love; Relationship and Class Privileges; Code of Gentlemen vs. Standard Military Wisdom; Personal Greed; and the Fight for Freedom.  Everyone living in … Continue reading

Up In The Old Hotel

          Joseph Mitchell’s Up In The Old Hotel gives us great insight into the lives of the underclass by providing examples of “homelessness, hunger and hangovers” (pg 52), a disheartened spirit, and a bounty of resourcefulness. Many of the underclass lived in very poor living conditions, or often without any place to stay. They all … Continue reading