Diversity: People, Culture, Politics, Building and Transportation = New York

New York City I first want to tell you how much I appreciate having the opportunity to participate in the educational, exciting, and fun New York History Expedition.  Thank you so much to everyone who pulled this together and provided this memorable experience.  I am excited to bring the knowledge I have learned into my … Continue reading

Chester Arthur’s grave

Chester Arthur’s Grave Site Chester Alan Arthur Grave Site As this trip draws to a close it was fitting that we were able to stop by for a moment at the grave site of Chester Arthur.  This beautiful cemetery was lined with rows and rows of various grave stones.  The light rain that was flowing … Continue reading

BOOM, BOOm, BOom, Boom, boom.

French and Inian War line 3 wooden crosses Map of Ticonderoga Battle grounds Our tour guide today, Jim Hughto led us to the Historic site of Fort Ticonderoga, known formerly as Fort Caroline.  This was very interesting to visit, especially because it was the site of the grounds used in the French and Indian (7years) … Continue reading

Speak up, Speak out, with your life on the line!

            6.14 The information we learned today is all going to be a great resource to me when I work on my lesson plan for Human Rights. Today was a major step into the lives of people who were willing to risk it all for a cause they believed in. … Continue reading

“Take me out to the ball game”

Truthfully I went into today thinking I would rather skip this stop since I don’t like baseball.  Then I decided to make the most of it and see if I could walk away with a new appreciation for the game.  Well, “Take me out to the ball game!”  I loved seeing the pictures right off … Continue reading

From city lights, to star light!

Oyster Bay Theodore Roosevelt’s home, Sagamore Hill was a fascinating place to be, I only wish we could have taken pictures of the house he lived in.  The home was being designed by Theodore and his first wife Alice Hathaway and the 155 acres of land was purchased for $30,000.  Unfortunately prior to the plans … Continue reading

The Past meets the Present!

  Eloyda and Delores on horse drawn carriage ride       Today was an interesting excursion; by the way the A train does not stop at 81st street!  The museum was very interesting and I particularly enjoyed seeing Washington’s chair!  The exercise we encountered included looking at an object and asking open ended questions to … Continue reading

From Here to There, Immigrants are everywhere!

Ellis Island I have been looking forward to today since I found out that my family immigrated into New York through Ellis Island.  And then the wind was let out of my sail as I learned they would have come through Castle Clinton.  But they gave me a website to look them up!  As we … Continue reading

Tenement, Tenement, All Around!

“Beam Me Up Scotty!”  Better yet, just fax me to the next destination!  My whole body cringes when I look at the schedule that includes more walking!  My feet are fighting with each other as to whose turn it is to pick up and move forward one more step.  I doesn’t help that I have … Continue reading

Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park

  Our fabulous tour guide Dr. Ed O’Donnell led us on an excursion around our hotel, then up over the Brooklyn Bridge, then down into the African American Museum site, and finally over to the ever beautiful City Park.  (Doesn’t this sound like “Over the river and through the woods!)  The theme that has continued to … Continue reading