Consumption and Democracy

Cohen explains the relationship between consumption and democracy between 1932 and 2003 as dramatically intertwined as the people do their part by consciously spending or withholding their money in a manner which casts their vote for a cause they support or reject.   People have the right to choose where and if they want to spend … Continue reading

Crisis in Levittown

  The lessons learned from the Myer’s move into Levittown have been starteling.  While many people were afraid that the Myer’s only desired to be the first to move into an all white neighborhood to prove that they could do it, the Myer’s like other blacks moving into an all white neighborhood only desired to … Continue reading

Consumption and Civil Rights

         Consumption was a clear way to get to the heart of the matter of inequalities in Civil Rights. As people began to boycott businesses that were treating them unfairly, it raised awareness in society and government that there needed to be a change. Without the financial cost people knew there were problems but there … Continue reading

American Dreams

          H.W, Brands titled his book “History of Post 1945 America American Dreams as a way to identify the many faces of dreams that people in America had, especially their right to dream. (x) Brands categorizes these dreams in three periods 1) Visions of Omnipotence 1945- 1965; 2) The Twilight of Liberalism 1965 – 1986; … Continue reading