Malcolm X

Keeping X’s advice in mind, how would you assess the changes in his attitudes towards white people over the course of his entire life. When Malcolm Little was born his family was assaulted physically and verbally by the white man. Malcolm’s father was murdered by white people when Malcolm was only a child. The treatment … Continue reading

Does Wal-Mart’s Pick Up Today raise the bar?

Wal-Mart is rolling out its new service for online shoppers across the country. But is it better than what competitors offer?

Conservatism in Mainstream America

Conservative ideas moved into main stream America by the end of the century through religious organizations, corporate indoctrination, public education, and the grass roots white collar middle class workers.  Using these avenues to proclaim the ideas of free market versus social welfare programs, main stream America became the center of the political agenda of Conservatism. … Continue reading

News Cast Black Population dropping in big cities

The news cast linked below is relevant to our class as it discusses the decisions African Americans are making to move out of the inner cities and move to the suburbs in hopes of finding a better life. It also references how many African Americans are moving from the north to the south which is … Continue reading

Conservatism Rough Draft

Conservatism paper VERY Rough Draft! When thinking about conservatism and realizing it is generally assumed that it will have respect for traditional institutions and will generally take things more slowly as they will distrust the government, it is clear to me that the conservative class has not been bamboozled but rather makes decisions based on … Continue reading

Dr. Rees’s book review on Moreton.

Dr. Rees wrote an excellent review of Morton’s Wal-Mart book which was posted on the following link in 2009. If you can’t get there type in Guest Book Review: To Serve God and Wal-Mart, by Bethany Moreton.    

Wal-Mart: Populist and Multi-National Corporation

Populism began with a group of farmers coming together to advocate against the big corporations in the 1890’s. The mega corporation Wal-Mart’s headquarters are located in Bentonville, AR a largely low income farming community, rich in populist ideals. The business practice used by Wal-Mart allowed them to be accepted among the grass roots level of … Continue reading

Guided by the Moral Compass

Our question this week asks if Thomas think poor conservatives are stupid.  My initial answer to this was yes as I read through page 36 where Kansas was references as the soul  of America and in the end recons that “we are staring into the eyes of a lunatic,” I was swayed that the book … Continue reading